The main activity of low-tonnage chemistry service

This is production of medical products - a set of reagents for coloring and blood smears “Eosin-methylene blue for automatic systems” (for devices for coloring blood smears like “Hemo-Tek”, production of sets of reagents for biochemical blood tests, a complete set of solutions for hematological analyzers "Hemacomp - 10" company "SEAC" (Italy) - isotonic, lysing, deprotating solutions, detergent.

Since 2002, the service of small-tonnage chemistry has been servicing and repairing all Hemacomp-10 hematology analyzers from SEAC (Italy) with spare parts, consumables and blood controls directly from the manufacturer, SEAC (Italy). 

Service Services

The Service provides services for the production of individual batches of chemical products from the Customer’s raw materials on a give-and-take basis, for packing solid, bulk, liquid reagents into small containers; It has distilled water production capacity of up to 300 liters per day.

The service accepts orders for the development and production of chemical products.

a set of reagents for staining blood smears

"Eosin-methylene blue for automatic systems"


The reagent kit is designed for use as a consumable reagent for automatic smear systems such as Hema-Tek and AvtoOMK-01 in clinical medicine.

The set is designed for one-time refilling of an automatic system of the Hema-Tek type, sufficient for staining at least 1000 blood smears, for an Avto-OMK-1 blood smearing machine at least 1500 smears.

The principle of the method.

Under the action of the dye, “Eosin-methylene blue according to May-Grunwald” in methanol, the blood cells are stained in characteristic colors depending on the acid-base state of the painted elements. The color of blood smears is carried out in a conditioning solution, which is a phosphate buffer of high fluidity based on methanol with a pH of 7.2 and is stabilized by a washing solution based on Triton X-100 in methanol.

! Do not expose the staining solution to cooling.

The composition of the set.

  1. Coloring solution - 225 cm3;
  2. Buffer solution - 100 cm3;
  3. Wash solution - 100 cm3.

       Preparation of working solutions.

  1. Coloring solution is supplied ready to use.
  2. Working buffer solution is prepared as follows: 100 cm3 the buffer solution is transferred to a volumetric flask with a capacity of 500 cm3 and adjusted to the mark with distilled water.
  3. The working wash solution is prepared as follows: 100 cm 3 of the washing solution are transferred to a 1000 cm3 volumetric flask and brought to the mark with distilled water.