About information and measuring systems service

Information and measuring systems service is engaged in the development, production and sale of modern digital measuring equipment.

The focus of the center is the development and production of computer-oriented measuring systems and measuring instruments.

Computer-oriented measuring systems and measuring instruments (often referred to as “virtual”, since they work in tandem with a computer, “coming to life” after the launch of a control program) have recently seriously pressed traditional measuring instruments. The virtue of virtual devices is the efficient use of sufficiently powerful and cheap computer resources — hardware (high-performance processor, large amounts of RAM and constant memory, high-resolution color monitor, powerful power supply, etc.) and software (operating systems, high-level languages, specialized software). packages, valuable developments, etc.).

Within the framework of this concept, devices have been created that are means of recording and generating analog and digital electrical signals in wide amplitude, time and frequency ranges. Using the latest electronic components, technologies and software, a variety of versions and interfaces provide the user with an opportunity to conveniently, inexpensively, but qualitatively and effectively solve various measurement tasks.

The Center performs separate R & D projects within the framework of state scientific and technical programs and on the orders of enterprises. At the same time, a complete production cycle of modern measuring instruments can be provided, starting from the formation of the concept of the device and ending with its metrological certification, implementation and trial operation.

Production of the centre information systems


Manufacturing program

  • digital oscilloscopes
  • arbitrary waveform generators
  • multichannel analog-digital conversion systems
  • logic analyzers / digital signal generators
  • meters of vibration, kinematics, temperature, pressure, effort and other parameters of machines and mechanisms
  • precision time interval meter
  • satellite vehicle monitoring systems
  • Educational laboratory installations
  • thermal imaging technology for measuring high temperatures
  • systems for automating research and production processes

Use in the developed devices of the latest electronic components, technologies and software, various designs (measuring complex in the form of a rack system, a PC expansion card, a separate small package) and interfaces (PCI, USB, LPT, Ethernet, Bluetooth, etc.) provide the user with a convenient, inexpensive, but high-quality and effective solution of various measurement tasks, organically fitting into modern computer technologies.


  • Installation of printed circuit boards from customer-supplied raw materials.

Development of electronic equipment:

  • Conducting R & D in the field of electronic measuring equipment.
  • Development of computer and autonomous measuring systems.
  • Design and programming of FPGA.
  • Development of analog and digital electronic nodes.
  • Interfaces, controllers, signal processors, graphic LCDs.

Software development

  • Development of application software.
  • System management, data processing, user interface.
  • Completion of basic software for specific user tasks.

Serial and small-scale production of electronic products

  • Installation of surface mounting and output components, cable wiring, installation of units.
  • Design and manufacture of enclosures for electronic equipment, painting, silk-screen printing.
  • Customization of electronic components.