About of the MAS-1

For use in clinics, polyclinics, sanatoriums, rehabilitation and rehabilitation and diagnostic centers in the practice of pulmonology, allergology, functional diagnostics, anesthesiology, occupational pathology, sports medicine; For training and training in the methods and techniques of studying human FVD for students of medical universities and biology faculties of universities, for training and advanced training of doctors and nurses specializing in functional diagnostics, pulmonology, sports medicine.

Spirometer-MAC-1Design features of spirometer MAS-1

Automatic storage and accumulation of all measured data in the device's non-volatile memory. The archive capacity in the basic configuration is more than 50 000 researches. Built-in alphanumeric keyboard of film type, which allows you to enter the name, patient name, address, etc. in the protocol. The keyboard meets the modern sanitary and hygienic requirements, sanitation is allowed by any disinfectant. Built-in color liquid crystal display (LCD) of high resolution. The spirometer contains an improved flow sensor (such as the "Fleisch tube") with the heating of the sensing element.

Advantages of the sensor

High throughput in the case of examination of large flows of people - 60 or more people a day in the mode of medical examinations, up to 5000-8000 - a year in specialized clinics; insignificant air resistance and a small dead space, as a result of which there is practically no effect on the patient's respiratory system; stability, stability of parameters, resistance to multiple sanitization; no regular calibration is required. You can use both reusable nippers and disposable mouthpieces / filters.