Pulse oximetry

The pulse oximetric channel allows you to expand the diagnostic capabilities of the spirometer by evaluating the following parameters:

  • an indicator of arterial blood saturation with oxygen (SpO2) and heart rate (HR), which makes it possible to objectify the diagnosis of respiratory failure (DN1 - DN3).
  • pulse fill index (IPP);
  • photoplethysmograms (BCP).

Spirometer МАС-1-А

Spirometer МАS-1-A is an autonomous diagnostic device and allows conducting in-depth studies of the function of external respiration (HPV) of a person. The measurements are based on the performance of "classical" spirometry breathing maneuvers (GEL test), pneumotachometry (FVC test, flow-volume loop), maximum ventilation, which are widely known and standardized.

Spirometer МАС-1-PC

The automated multifunctional spirometer "MAS-1-PC" (hereinafter referred to as the Spirometer) is intended for assessing the state of the human respiratory system by measuring and calculating the parameters of external respiration, comparing them with the standards laid down in the memory of the spirometer, and also visualizing the breathing process. The device can be used in clinics, spa facilities, rehabilitation and diagnostic centers in the practice of pulmonology, anesthesiology, occupational pathology, functional diagnostics, sports medicine, allergology.

Assembly and accessories

Each delivery option may further include: Each delivery option may further include:

  • expert program “SpiroExpert-Profosmotr”
  • animation test

Asthma Monitor

The program "Asthma-monitor" is designed for daily monitoring of POV (PEF) and FEV1 (FEV1) in a hospital.

Animation test

Expert system spirometer MAS-1-A presents the patient's animation test - a "live" picture, reacting to the patient's respiratory efforts.


"SpiroEkspert" provides the performance of the tests of ZHEL, FVC, MVL, bronchodilation, provocative tests, as well as tests with physical activity with measurement and calculation of more than 40 parameters of HPF.

SpiroExpert ProSurvery

The MAS-1 spirometer is one of the leaders in the number of daily researches conducted among known spirometers due to its design features and specially developed software.