Spirometer MAS-1-A

Спирометр МАС-1 (цветной встроенный экран)Purpose

It is intended to assess the state of the human respiratory system by measuring and calculating the parameters of external respiration, comparing them with the standards laid down in the memory of the spirometer, and visualizing the respiration process.


The spirometer is a stand-alone device powered by 220 V, 50 Hz, does not require connection to an external personal computer, has a color LCD display, meets international safety standards (STB IEC 60601-1-2-2006, STB EN 55011-2006, GOST 30324.0-95 and others.). It has a “friendly” user interface and is fully equipped with the necessary accessories. It has the following features and functionality: The device uses an advanced external respiratory sensor (Fleisch tube) with a heated sensing element, which ensures high throughput in the case of examining large flows of people. The sensor has no analogues in resistance to repeated sanitation of parts in contact with the patient. Does not require daily calibration. Displays the patient's breathing process in the form of graphs in real time. The Spirometer has a scalable display of spirometry, pneumotachometry, and maximum ventilation in the “volume-time” and “flow-volume” coordinates.

The device can be used in clinics, clinics, sanatorium-resort institutions, rehabilitation and diagnostic centers in the practice of pulmonology, anesthesiology, professional pathology, functional diagnostics, sports medicine, allergology.


  • the device uses advanced external sensor breathing (Fleisch tube) with a heated sensing element, what provides high bandwidth in case surveys of large flows of people (up to 80 people per shift). The sensor has no analogues in resistance to multiple sanitizing parts in contact with the patient. Does not require daily calibration; 
  • display of the patient's breathing process in the form of graphs in real time. Spirometer implements scalable display of test curves ZhEL, FVC, MVL in coordinates “Volume-time” and “flow-volume”;
  • measurement of the generally accepted set of external function parameters breathing (by inhalation and exhalation) with automatic bringing them to intrapulmonary conditions (BTPS system);
  • the ability to choose any of the six most common standards in the CIS and Europe: Adults: ECCS, Klement, Knudson; Children: by Shiryaeva, by Knudson, by Zapletal, by Quanjer.


Warranty and service maintenance of pyrometer MAS-1-A, the provision of spare parts for them.

Specifications of the spirometers MAS-1-A

Spirometer МАS-1-A is an autonomous diagnostic device and allows conducting in-depth studies of the function of external respiration (HPV) of a person. The measurements are based on the performance of "classical" spirometry breathing maneuvers (GEL test), pneumotachometry (FVC test, flow-volume loop), maximum ventilation, which are widely known and standardized.

Parameters of FVD (given to BTPS conditions)

ZHEL (VC), Rovd (IRV), Rovyd (ERV), TO (TV), MOD (MTV), BH (BF)

Pneumatic tachometry:
FVC (FVC); FEV1 (FEV1); IT (FEV1 / VC); FEV1 / FVC (FEV1 / FVC); SATURDAY (PEF); MOC25 (MEF75); MOC50 (MEF50); MOC75 (MEF25); SOS25-75 (FEF25-75, MMEF); ASW (PIF);

Maximum arbitrary ventilation:
MVL (MVV); DOm; ChDm; EDP.

In the extended protocol additionally:
EVC, IVC, FEV0.5, FEV0.75, IC, FET, FEV3, FEV6, FIVC, FEV0.75 / VC, FEV0, 75 / FVC, FEV3 / FVC, FEV3 / VC, FEV0.75 / FEV6, FEV1 / FEV6, MEF / VC, MEF / FVC, FEF50 / VC, FEF50 / FVC, FIF50 / MEF50, PIF, MIF75%, MIF50%, MIF25%, FIV1, FIV1 / FIVC, FEV0.75, MET, FET, MTT, TPEF , TPEF / FET, etc.

Proper Values Up to 11 systems for ages from 4 to 90 years (Clement, Europa obsche.uzlya and steel, Knudson - adults; Shiryaeva, Knudson, Qanjer, Zapletal - children). Automatic selection of the system depending on age and national preferences.
Protocols of bronchomotor tests -Brondlodilation
- provocative (up to 8 dilutions)
Automatic test quality control yes (in accordance with ATS / ERS-2005)
Hint dialog system yes (in russian)
Breathing sensor Flush tube with heating (dead space less than 100 ml)
Research Comparison System yes (built-in dynamic monitoring program and COPD monitor)
Measured volume, flow Up to 10 liters,
up to ± 18 l / s
Accuracy 3%
Screen LCD color TFT VGA (options - monochrome 1/4 VGA, external monitor)
Keyboard 30 quasi-touch keys (26 alphanumeric, 4 command)
The capacity of the non-volatile archive 128 MB (at least 50,000 thousand studies)
Power 230 V, 50 Hz, 40 W
Printing device A4 printer:
-matrix - Epson ECP / P language
-laser - HP PCL3,5,6