SpiroExpert-Professional survey

СпироЭксперт-профосмотрThe MAS-1 spirometer is one of the leaders in the number of daily researches conducted among known spirometers due to its design features and specially developed software.

An improved external breathing sensor (Fleisch tube) with heated sensing element provides high spirometer capacity in case of examination of large flows of people. It has no analogues in terms of the resistance to multiple sanitization of parts in contact with the patient, without loss of accuracy and does not require daily calibration;

MAC-1 provides the possibility of using both reusable and disposable consumables, including antibacterial filters. At the same time, the use of antibacterial filters is not mandatory. Conducting a study without them does not affect the accuracy and reliability of the spirometer.

In all models of MAS-1, the program "SpiroEkspert-Proofreading" can be installed, adapted for mass examinations at medical examinations and medical check-ups.

Benefits of use

- reduces the time for conducting a complete examination several times (up to 1-1.5 minutes), since the whole complex of measurements is performed for one patient connection to the device;

- controls the quality of performing spirometric tests, even with mass examinations. The quality criteria are displayed on the screen of the spirometer and in the paper protocol;

- Interpretation of the protocols of FVD investigation is not difficult not only for narrow specialists (pulmonologists, allergists), but also for general practitioners. The results of the FHD study are presented in the form of summary diagrams that allow one to determine the absence or presence of disturbances at a glance - without analyzing the numerical values, to identify the type and degree of FVD violation. In addition, a spirometer always automatically generates a preliminary opinion on the state of HPV;

- provides a mode of COPD monitoring.

COPD monitoring

Due to the automatic preservation and accumulation of all results in the non-volatile memory of the spirometer (no less than 50 000 studies), individual histories of the patients' examination are created during the prophylactic examinations.

At the next examination of the patient, the expert system of the spirometer "MAS-1" not only forms a conclusion on the condition of the FVD at the date of examination, but always analyzes the data of all previous tests from the patient file and, having found the decrease in the ventilation parameters more due for the observation period, informs about this in print protocol in accordance with the diagnostic criteria of COPD.

The practical application of the program of examinations (for example, in the Soligorsk Central District Hospital, Soligorsk), provides a survey on the spyrometer МАС-1 up to 100 patients per shift, up to 6,000-8,000 FVD studies per year.