Software SpiroEkspert

"SpiroEkspert" provides the performance of the tests of ZHEL, FVC, MVL, bronchodilation, provocative tests, as well as tests with physical activity with measurement and calculation of more than 40 parameters of HPF.

Expert system "SpiroEkspert" - basic software of spirometers МАС-1:

calculates criteria for technical acceptability and quality of tests in accordance with ATS / ERS-2005;
in the interactive mode (in the form of prompts and messages on the instrument screen and in the study protocol) informs about the diagnostic significance of each test, as well as the order of further performance of respiratory maneuvers;
reports technically acceptable / unacceptable tests;
evaluates the reproducibility of tests in accordance with ATS / ERS-2005.
automatically selects the best attempt of all performed;
gives a preliminary opinion on the patient's HPV with the indication of the type and degree of disturbance of ventilation of the lungs;
automatically interprets bronchodilation tests with the calculation of the reversibility of bronchial obstructive syndrome;
automatically interprets bronchodilation tests with the severity of COPD;
regulates the procedure for performing provocative tests on a protocol that allows up to 8 studies (baseline, with saline solution and up to 6 dilutions of the bronchoconstrictor) to calculate the degree of bronchoconstriction and issue a recommendation for stopping the test;
implements special functions for storing and processing information
Allows you to interpret protocols of patient examinations at a glance - without analysis of numerical values ​​of FVD parameters;

It implements an animation test in detail, which allows to increase the motivation of young children (starting from 4-5 years) age in the correct execution of tests.

After conducting a routine investigation of the patient's HPV, previously examined on this device, the expert system will not only form the usual FVD protocol in more detail, but also analyze the dynamics of FVD indices for the entire follow-up period in accordance with the diagnostic criteria of COPD.

Having discovered a situation typical for COPD, one or several analyzed parameters, including the ICC, the expert system MAS-1 will post a corresponding message both in the electronic (screen) and in the printed versions of the survey protocol.

Thus,with regular examinations (for example, during medical examinations, annual medical examinations of persons working in hazardous production), it becomes possible for preclinical diagnosis of COPD with allocation of respiratory risk groups among the population.