Animation test for spirometer МАS-1-A

Анимационный тестExpert system spirometer MAS-1-A presents the patient's animation test - a "live" picture, reacting to the patient's respiratory efforts.

It is preferable for young children with imaginative thinking, who do not understand the instructions of the medical personnel to perform respiratory maneuvers. In addition to instructing: "Imagine a festive cake with many lit candles. Pick up more air and breathe out strongly. Try to blow out more candles ... "- You just suggest that the child look at the screen (monitor) of the spirometer and exhale so as to blow out the maximum number of candles. The more candles the patient "blew out", the more reliable the test data will be, and the result of the maneuver will be intuitively understood by the child.

Experience in the use of animation test in expert system spirometer MAS-1-A is not only proven to be effective when working with children, but also opened up new possibilities for performing spirometry hearing impaired, as is sometimes the only possible way to perform research ERF in these patients.

The animation test also proved to be very effective in carrying out mass screening tests of FVD, including professional examinations.