Products of the centre of information and computing systems

Flight information transfer unit

it is designed to read flight information directly from onboard recording devices such as the Tester of L, 2, 3, BUR 4, BR-4T3 series (for Su-17, Su 22, Su-24, Su-25, Su-27 aircraft, MiG-29, An-24, An 26, Il-76, etc., Mi-8, Mi-17, Mi-24, Mi-26 helicopters, etc.) to the internal non-volatile memory for storage and further transfer to the automated workplace place (AWP) for processing;

  • a set of cables for connecting the CBS with onboard recording devices;
  • power unit BPPI for work in the autonomous mode;
  • cable for connecting the CBS with PC (USB or LPT);
  • operational documentation.

Functional features of BPPI:

  • real-time adjustment for the type of on-board registration device;
  • direct reading of information from on-board recording devices using autonomous control from the keyboard and an LED alphanumeric display;
  • connection to the LPT-port or USB-port of the PC for reading the stored information;
  • when working with solid-state drives BUR 4 or BR-4T3, a list is formed and file reading of flights is performed.

Characteristics of BFI:

  • BPPI provides operation:

- at temperatures from -40С to + 50С

- relative air humidity up to 98%;

- in conditions of increased vibration with a frequency of 5-80 Hz with acceleration up to 4g;

- with bumps up to 15g.

  • The volume of non-volatile memory of BFIs - up to 32 MB (at least 16 hours of flight)
  • Overall dimensions – 290x195x60mm
  • Weight of CTP - no more than 3.5 kg.


Means of rewriting from onboard drives MLP-23

  • Interface unit (BS-23 complete with power supply unit) with on-board drive MLP 23 with USB cable of type A B for connecting BS-23 to AWS and power supply unit;
  • MLP-23 is an easily removable on-board storage device for BUR-1-2zh type recorders of Russian origin, installed on MI 17 helicopters and others. Used tape recording technology.

Rewriting Tools for Recorders of the MSRP-64 Type

  • The multifunction interface unit (BCM) can work with various means of reproducing flight information: MN-S, UVZ-3 and, including, with the BVs magnetic tape playback unit from the NDU-8 kit with an AB type USB cable for connecting BCM to AWS ;
  • It uses the standard registration system MSRP-64, installed on IL 76 and others, and provides a cyclic recording of 3 hours of flight information on a magnetic tape.

Rewriting Tools for Recorders of the MSRP-12 Type

  • Interface unit multifunctional BSM and interface unit (BS-12) with tape drive mechanism MLP from the DUMS kit: with USB cable of type A B for connection of BSM to AWS;
  • It uses the standard registration system MSRP-12, installed on AN 24, AN-26 and other aircraft, and provides 75-minute PI recording on a magnetic tape.