Measuring instrument of time intervals В-471

Измеритель временных интервалов B-471

Is designed to measure time intervals from 10 ns to 1000 s between pulsed signals of positive or negative polarity with a pulse duration of at least 10 ns.

The meter works in remote control mode via the USB interface of a personal computer. The operation of the meter is based on the counting-pulse principle, which consists in counting the number of pulses of the operating frequency during the measured time interval.

Areas of possible use of the meter are experimental and production installations requiring registration of time intervals in the event flow, as well as adjustment, monitoring and repair of measuring instruments and devices for various purposes.

The time interval meter is registered in the State Registers of Measuring Instruments of the Republic of Belarus (certificate No. 4295) and Russia (certificate No. 29922).

Main technical specifications

- Number of input measuring channels - 2

- Amplitude range of input signals - from 0.5 to 50 V

- Resolution 2.5 ns

- Measurement range of time intervals from 10 ns to 1000 s

- Setting the level of discrimination of input signals / installation error:

    with the attenuation coefficient of the built-in attenuator 1: 1 - ± 4 V / ± 0.1 V

    with the attenuation coefficient of the built-in attenuator 1:10 - ± 40 V / ± 1 V

- Input parameters of measuring channels - 1 MΩ / 25 pF

- Frequency error of the built-in reference generator: ± 1 * 10e-6 (± 1 ppm)

- Limits of the relative error of setting the actual value

  (correction) of the frequency of the built-in reference generator, no more than: ± 1 * 10e-7 (± 0.1 ppm)

- Computer interface: USB 2.0

- Power supply from external power adapter - 220 V / 50 Hz

- Consumption - 20 W

- Dimensions: 195x115x45 mm

- Weight: 1.5 kg

- Structurally, the B-471 consists of a measuring module in a plastic case with an external power supply.