Recorder of parameters of the movement of the lift lifting equipment B-590 "Paltus"

Регистратор параметров движения лифтового подъёмного оборудования B-590 «ПАЛТУС»

The recorder of motion parameters of elevator lifting equipment B-590 "PALTUS" is intended for measuring vibration acceleration during the motion of a lifting mechanism, calculation, recording and indication of motion parameters. The device is a portable device with an indicator, keyboard, power supply and magnetic holders. The device registers the acceleration values of the investigated hoisting mechanisms along three perpendicular axes in the internal non-volatile memory. In the process of measurements on the indicator of the device can display the average or root-mean-square value of the acceleration along one of the measuring axes. Upon completion of the data registration process, the device performs the primary calculation and display on the screen the maximum and minimum peak acceleration values, the maximum linear velocity value. Initial processing of the measurement data in the device and displaying the results on the built-in screen allows you to quickly assess the technical condition of the lifting mechanism. A more detailed analysis of the recorded data is provided to the user on a computer to which the device can be connected via USB

The registrar of motion parameters of elevator lifting equipment B-590 "PALTUS" is registered in the State Register of Measuring Instruments of the Republic of Belarus (certificate No. 9818). Registrar B-590 "PALTUS" has a declaration of compliance with TS TS 020/2011 ("Electromagnetic Compatibility of Technical Equipment").

Main technical specifications

Measuring ranges

- Measurement range of vibration acceleration - from 0.4 to 30 m / s2

- Range of linear velocity measurement - from 0.16 to 10 m / s

Metrological characteristics

 - The limits of the relative error in the measurement of vibration acceleration in the working range of amplitudes at the base frequency - ± 5%:

 - The limits of uneven frequency response of vibration accelerations in the frequency range from 10 to 160 Hz - ± 7%.

 - The limits of the relative measurement error of vibration acceleration in the working range of amplitudes and frequencies - ± 10%

 - The limits of the relative error of measurement of the linear velocity in the normalized measurement range - ± 10%


 - Computer Interfaces - USB

 - Powered by built-in rechargeable battery

 - Dimensions - 120x90x35 mm

 - Weight - 0.25 kg

 - Battery life - at least 5 hours

Key software features

  Calculation and indication of the following parameters:

  - maximum and minimum peak acceleration values ​​for the working period of measurements;

  - maximum and minimum linear velocity values

  - peak value and duration of the acceleration exceeding the preset threshold level

    a sign of rapid assessment of "pass / fail", determined on the basis of the previous paragraph

  - analysis of measurement data in the program on the computer

  - plotting dependencies of vibration acceleration, speed, velocity from time

  - calculation of peak and rms values ​​using cursors

  - printing a measurement report in the form of graphs and a table of parameters

The composition of the software

 - Measurement data analysis program for the V-590 recorder

 - Work in Windows XP / 7/8 systems