Computerized Educational Laboratory Installation B-300BA

Компьютеризированная учебная лабораторная установка В-300ВА

General characteristics

The installation provides the following laboratory work:

- research of semiconductor diodes;

- research of optoelectronic devices;

- research of bipolar transistors;

- research of field-effect transistors;

- study of amplifier stages on a bipolar transistor;

- study of amplifier stages on a field-effect transistor;

- research of amplifiers with RC connections on a bipolar transistor;

- research of an amplifier with RC connections with high-frequency correction of the amplitude-frequency characteristic;

- research of amplifiers with galvanic connections;

- study of differential amplifiers in the integral performance;

- study of amplifying devices based on the operational amplifier.

The installation provides the ability to create on its basis the means for carrying out other laboratory work on radio engineering topics, research within the framework of course and diploma projects.

The installation has a desktop version and includes a laboratory unit and a control computer.

The laboratory unit has dimensions of not more than 400x400x110 mm. The design of the laboratory unit provides in the upper part of the place, mounting and switching means for installation, fixing and electrical connection of interchangeable switching and dial-up fields (hereinafter - SKNP). In addition, the laboratory unit has a connector for connecting the NNPC, to which the voltages of the power sources and, if necessary, the outputs of measuring devices are additionally output.

SKNP have the unified design and the size of the A4 format. Each SKNP has the necessary sets of capacitors, resistances, inductances, investigated semiconductor devices and microcircuits, etc. In this case, using unified switching conductors with plugs at the ends of the students, connections can be made at the standard equipment in the composition of the studied electrical circuits, as well as connection to power supplies and measuring modules built into the laboratory unit. In addition, individual critical nodes of the studied electrical circuits at the CCNP can be connected to the measuring modules by internal switching.

For all laboratory work there are appropriate SKNP. Due to the combination of several laboratory works on one VNCS, the total number of types of VNCS may differ from the number of laboratory works.

The laboratory unit has the following built-in electronic digital measuring modules:

- 2-channel oscillographic module with a frequency counter function;

- 2-channel signal generator module;

- 2-channel digital voltmeter DC module;

- 2-channel module of digital ammeter DC.

Each of the measuring modules (and for measuring modules of a digital voltmeter of direct current and a digital ammeter of direct current - each of the measuring channels) have an individual galvanic isolation from the power supply.

Each of the measuring modules is galvanically isolated by interface with the control module.

The measuring instruments (devices) built into the Plant have low-voltage power supply. At the same time, sources (adapters) of AC power (230 V 50 Hz) are built into the chassis of the Unit.

Installation is made according to class I protection against electric shock.

Technical characteristics of the installation elements

Technical characteristics of the digital oscilloscope module built into the laboratory unit:

- the number of input measuring channels - 2;

- input resistance 1 MOm;

- allowable voltages at the inputs - no more than 90 V;

- input signal bandwidth - from 0 to 150 MHz;

- vertical resolution - 10 bits;

- vertical deviation coefficients - from 5 mV / div to 5 V / div;

- vertical offset of the input signal - within ± 12 divisions;

- the main reduced error in the measurement of voltage - 1%;

- rise time of the transient response of each channel - no more than 3 ns;

- The maximum sampling rate of a single signal is 200 MSa / s;

- sweep coefficients - from 500 ns / div to 1 s / div;

- sweep coefficients in the mode of improved time resolution - from 5 ns / div to 200 ns / div;

- depth of the built-in memory - 16 Mvyb;

- synchronization from the signal of any of the channels or from an external source of signals;

- the possibility of pre-launch and post-launch with respect to the synchronization pulse within 100% of the maximum recorded time interval;

- automatic installation of image sizes (auto search) of signals with a frequency from 50 Hz to 100 MHz and range from 100 mV to 40 V;

- frequency range of internal and external synchronization - from 0.1 Hz to 150 MHz;

- automatic measurement of the following parameters of periodic signals: period, duty cycle, pulse frequency and duration; rise time, impulse decay time; signal sweep; rms voltage signal.