Antitumor drug

Pharmacological action:

Alkylating cytotoxical effect due to presence of temozolomide in the drug.

Indications for use:

Local chemotherapy of malignant tumors of the brain, melanoma and other localizations of tumor process.

The results of pre-clinical study:

Expressed cytotoxical effect of the drug Temodeks was found against rat C6 glioma cells. This effect is demonstrated on the model of subcutaneously transplanted rat glioma: a single peritumoral injection of the drug Temodeks causes expressed inhibition of tumor growth, increased life expectancy and the number of cured animals when compared with animals, that were injected temozolomide. Temodeks with a single intracerebral injection to animals did not have negative effects on the system of the basic adaptation, metabolism, general condition, did not cause toxic effects on the intact brain, the basic homeostatic parameters of animals. Implantation of Temodeks drug into the brain of experimental animals did not cause toxic effects on intact brain tissue. Glial cicatrix is formed and biodegradation of the drug is almost complete on 21-30 day after implantation.

It is expected that use of Temodeks as a local chemotherapy drug of brain tumors and melanoma will extend the life of patients, duration of disease-free period, improve quality of life.

Developer: Research Institute of Physical Chemical Problems of the Belarusian State University.