Mixes complex concentrating

Mix complex concentrating "Daugaletsts-16"

Application area

Designed for use in the production of bakery, flour confectionery and other food products, for the enrichment of wheat bakery flour and for the production of food products of a specialized profile (for the elderly).


The longevity enrichment mixtures are dry powder mixtures of cereal products, vegetables, fruits with the addition of amino acids, Arbarvit-2 vitamin-mineral premix, pure vitamins and other components.

Enriches flour, bakery, flour confectionery products with dietary fiber, iron, vitamins: В1, В2, РР.

Recommended dose to the mass of flour is - 5.0%.

Хлеб "Консул" с обогатительной смесью "Долголетие"

Bread "Consul" with a mixture of complex concentrating "Daӯgaletsts-16"

Mix enrichment "Seagull"

Application area

For industrial use in the manufacture of tea (liquid and dry) and soft drinks, as well as other food products to enhance their nutritional and biological value.


It is a mixture of vitamins and inulin.

Enriches drinks with vitamins of group B, PP, dietary fiber.

Recommended dose - 2 kg per 1000 liters of finished soft drink.