Automated multifunctional spirometer MAS 1-PC

(computer consoles)

The automated multifunctional spirometer "MAS-1-PC" (hereinafter referred to as the Spirometer) is intended for assessing the state of the human respiratory system by measuring and calculating the parameters of external respiration, comparing them with the standards laid down in the memory of the spirometer, and also visualizing the breathing process. The device can be used in clinics, spa facilities, rehabilitation and diagnostic centers in the practice of pulmonology, anesthesiology, occupational pathology, functional diagnostics, sports medicine, allergology.

  • The device performs its functions only when connected to a personal computer (PC) and has the following features and functionality:
  • The device uses a reliable and accurate breathing sensor (Fleisch tube) that does not contain moving parts and has minimal air resistance. Multiple disinfection of all elements of the respiratory sensor is allowed.
  • Real-time displaying of the patient's breathing process.
  • Measuring of more than 40 generally accepted parameters of external respiration (inhalation and exhalation) with their reduction to intrapulmonary conditions.
  • Possibility to choose any of the 6 most common standards of proper values in the CIS and Europe.
  • Impact assessment of functional samples, taking into account the type of sample.
  • Output of research results in the form of a final protocol on paper.
  • Automatic generation of a preliminary medical report indicating the type and degree of impaired ventilation function of the lungs.
  • Visual control of the correctness of breathing tests and the reliability of measurements, which significantly reduces errors and virtually eliminates the simulation of the patient. The Spirometer implements a system of prompts and operating instructions.
  • Automatic saving of all results (including graphs) of measurements in an electronic archive. Implemented a simple data search. When the Spirometer is turned off, archival information is not lost.

Contents of delivery

  • Spirometer – 1
  • Flow sensor (Fleish tube) – 1
  • Reusable Plastic mouthpiece –10
  • Nose clip – 10
  • Power supply - 1 
  • Passport - 1 pc.
  • User manual - 1 pc.
  • Calibration syringe (installation for reproducing air volumes) - 1 pc. *
  • Pulse Oximetry Sensor - 1 pc. *
  • Personal computer (laptop) - 1 pc. **

* – Buyer options