Generator arbitrary waveform AGENT B-230

Генератор сигналов произвольной формы AGENT В-230

The AGENT B-230 arbitrary waveform generator is designed as a computer expansion card in the PCI standard, designed to generate sinusoidal, rectangular, triangular, and arbitrary waveforms in wide amplitude and frequency ranges by generating them in digital form using mathematical software of the generator and converting in analog form. Additionally, AGENT B-230 can function as a 14-bit ADC (voltmeter) and has the ability to connect a logic analyzer / digital signal generator.

Main technical specifications


- Number of output channels - 1

- Output impedance channels - 50 ± 2.5 Ohm

- Output voltage ranges of the generated signals, not less:

    ± 3 V (± 1.5 V) when operating at a load of 1 kΩ (50 Ω)

    ± 8 V (± 4 V) when operating at a load of 1 kΩ (50 Ω)

- DAC resolution - 14 bits

- Voltage resolution, not worse:

    range ± 3 V - 0.4 mV

    range ± 8 V - 1 mV

- Parameters of built-in control ADC:

    Input voltage range ± 10 V

    Digitality - 14 bits


- Signal sampling frequency: 0.25 Hz ... 100 MHz

- rise / fall time, not worse: 10 ns

- 2 built-in analog low-pass filters: Butterworth and Bessel with a cut-off frequency of 50 MHz.

- Signal frequency ranges:

    sinusoidal and triangular shape - 0.1 Hz ... 10 MHz

    rectangular shape - 0.1 Hz ... 50 MHz

- The main relative error of setting the frequency of sinusoidal, triangular and rectangular signals - ± 0,002% over the entire frequency range

- Buffer memory capacity - 64 kw.


- Modes of generation: single and continuous

- Launch Modes:

    internal (single or continuous)

    external (single or continuous)

- Resolution of the front-edge setting of the output clock - 50 ps

- Temporary uncertainty of external triggering - 10 ns


- Computer interface: PCI 33 MHz, 32 bits.

- Consumption - 7 W

- Dimensions: - 192x94x18 mm

- Weight: - 0.2 kg

Key software features

- The software is implemented for Windows 98 / NT / 2k / XP operating systems

- Automatic calibration and adjustment of the amplitude of the generated signal depending on the load

- Ability to generate and quickly change the basic parameters of the following standard signals:

    constant voltage

    sine wave signals

    triangular waveforms

    square waveforms

    signals of exponential form

    pseudo random noise

- Ways to generate signals:

    by setting the basic parameters of one of the standard signals

    analytically, using mathematical formulas and a library of functions

    reading previously formed / stored signals from memory (including those recorded by a digital oscilloscope, specified in ASCII code, etc.)

- Convenient, diverse and intelligently rich user interface

- Imitation on the screen of the real generated signal taking into account the resistance of the connected load, the sampling rate.

- Possibility of cursor measurements of a simulated signal

- File functions provide the creation, opening, saving, copying and printing of data, comments.

- Additional functions:

    digital voltmeter

    8-channel logic analyzer / generator (TTL / CMOS)

- The composition of the software B-230

    Signal generator program.

    Driver for Windows XP / 7.

    Library for developers own software.

    Labview implementation example