About information and computing systems service

Term of activity: from the moment of formation of UE "UNITEHPROM BSU" on the basis of the Department of Informatics and Computer Systems of the Faculty of Radiophysics and Computer Technologies (1974).

Field of activity: development and production of equipment and software for working with digital information streams.

Main products: flight information rewriting equipment. Used for the acquisition of automated systems for processing flight information "Dvina-M" produced by Belarusian State University.

Purpose: reading flight information (PI) directly from the onboard aircraft registration devices.

About 50 sets of flight information rewriting equipment as part of the Dvina-M automated flight information processing systems were delivered to the Air Force and the Air Defense Forces of the Republic of Belarus, to a number of airlines in the Republic of Belarus, to many countries of the world. There are international exhibition awards.

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