About company

The Unitehprom BSU was founded on September 30, 1999.

The purpose of the Unitehprom BSU is the introduction of the scientific developments of BSU scientists: "From a scientific idea to the production of innovative products."

The company is i.a. engaged in the development and production of: 

- original and generic pharmaceutical substances, ready-made medicines for the treatment of cardiovascular, oncological and other diseases;

- non-standard equipment, instruments for industrial, scientific and educational purposes, equipment for transport monitoring systems;

- spirometers;

- food concentrating additives and improvers, phytosols;

- modern chemical-analytical and special technologies;

Production of the UE "Unitehpeom BSU"


The company's products are awarded with 16 gold, 11 silver and 1 bronze medals, diplomas of intarnational specialized exhibitions and innovation salons.

Awards of the UE "Unitehpeom BSU"

Our team

The team  consists of 38 higly qualified specialists with practical experience in the development and production of high technology products.